Schedule an appointment with one of the therapists on our wellness campus at 1321 South Broadway in Denver, or visit our Therapist Directory to book with other therapist throughout the country using our products.

Our mission includes putting our products into service and we accomplish this by:

  1. Offering therapeutic services and hosting events at our Wellness Campus on South Broadway.
  2. Offering CBD infused massages at events and workshops throughout the community.
  3. Offering CBD infused yoga classes and adjustments/assists for classes around Denver.
  4. Offering workshops and classes to provide education and information to those seeking it.

We offer an array of services at our location on South Broadway where we have 6 therapists offering CBD infused treatments. You can book with one of them through our Massagebook scheduling system, or you can call them directly to book. We also have a list of other therapists across the country that are using our Massage and Professional skincare products. You can find them under the “Therapist Directory” page.