Massage Questions

Commonly Asked Massage Questions


  1. Would a massage therapist who applies your CBD infused product with his or her bare hands get high from doing so?

No! Not with our products as we use 100% CBD and no THC. Also, most massage topicals are not absorbed into the blood so there is no “high” associated with use even with THC. Patients who receive CBD massages only report body relaxation, which is very different from the high of ingesting THC.


  1. Is it legal for massage therapists to use Hemp derived CBD topical products?

Yes! CBD derived from hemp is legal to purchase and use in all 50 states because it does not contain THC and is not derived from marijuana. For products that do contain a level of THC higher than .3%, it would depend on what state the massage therapist practices in. Whether marijuana is legal for medical, recreational or both types of use, there are myriad laws regarding the use of THC-containing products and in some states, no regulations specifically addressing topicals. Massage therapists who want to use THC infused products must obtain information directly from their state. All of our products are Hemp derived and therefore they are legal to use in all 50 states.


  1. Will Hemp derived CBD show up in a drug test?

To date, topical use has not been associated to a failed drug-test. Even ingesting pure CBD products will not be cause for a failed drug test. As far as research and experimentation have confirmed thus far, screenings test for THC and not CBD.


  1. Can I use CBD on pregnant clients?

Currently, the research on Cannabis use (in all forms) during pregnancy is on-going. To-date, there are no direct correlations to fetal developmental problems using Cannabis in smoke/vapor or edible form, and data around Cannabis topicals during pregnancy is non-existent. It’s best to suggest they make an appointment with their doctor or midwife to ask questions about CBD topicals prior to booking a session with you. We have not found anything that suggests it could be harmful, but we always believe that it is better to be safe and well informed. You may want to have them sign a simple consent form.


  1. Can my clients fly with CBD products derived from Hemp?

Yes! CBD products derived from Hemp are 50 state legal and can be taken with you or your clients within the United States.


  1. What is the difference between pure CBD, Full Spectrum, and THC products?

The pure CBD starts with a CO2 extraction using all of the flowers of a hemp plant. It is in its most crude state at this point, and requires further refinement through fractional distillation to isolate out the CBD specifically. This means that on test, it will show as 99.997% CBD with 0% THC and 0% other cannabinoids. Full Spectrum starts with a CO2extraction as well. but is refined further trough distillation to remove all inactive ingredients and leave you with all of the cannabinoids present in the hemp plant. Once completed it will test at a high amount of CBD with a low amount of THC and other cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG, and CBN. CBD is known to be a very powerful cannabinoid on its own. Despite what some may have you believe, the Full Spectrum is not always necessary or the better option. We do have a Full Spectrum line as well and we recommend one or the other for many different ailments and conditions – we are non-biased from a manufacturing point of view since we do create both options – our information is based on studies and our own experiences.


  1. Can I retail your product?

Yes! Since our products are made from Hemp and not marijuana, you are allowed to resell them in your practice as long as you have your resale certificate.