FAQ for Animals

Q – Can Cannabis help my animal with anxiety and what is the proper dosing?
A – CBD is proving to be effective with animals in a similar way that it is effective for us. It helps the body to create more of the endogenous cannabinoids we need for pain and mood regulation, immune function, and bringing balance to many systems throughout our body. We have a pet meal additive option that allows you to add it to his/her food each morning and evening, and we also have the option of a 30mg capsule that can be given to them in their food in the morning or wrapped in some peanut butter or a piece of cheese. Like with humans, we suggest starting off with the tincture and beginning with a lower dose to introduce it to his/her body (1mg per 10 pounds for animals). You will notice the results better if you start low and increase the dose slowly. If you’re not finding as much relief as you’d like, you can start him/her on the 30mg capsules – 1 a day for 30 days – and see if that increased dose is what he/she needs.
Q – Should I go with Pure CBD or Full Spectrum for my animal?
A -We offer the option of both pure CBD and full spectrum for animals. The pure CBD only contains the cannabinoid CBD, while the full spectrum includes a full array of cannabinoids, to include THC, CBD, CBN, CBC, and CBG. These other cannabinoids have different effects on the body which can be beneficial for certain types of issues, but the pure CBD is just as beneficial.  Please read more here.