Customer Testimonials

I have two senior dogs both with arthritis and taking a prescription that really didn’t do a lot to help out. I started them on the CBD drops and within days I could see a difference in their mobility. Wally went from struggling to get out of his dog bed to trying to run with the younger dogs. It’s great to see him move so well and to be able to take him off of his prescription. Harley has also improved with mobility and a spunky attitude. He is 16 years old and has cancer. The younger dogs get fewer drops and I see less anxiety in one which is a huge change.
Human drops – I had to try after seeing the great results in the dogs, and can say my joints are not as painful and I was able to get off of my prescription for inflammation.
For anyone that isn’t sure- give it a try. I am loving the results and the ease of using the drops. Fast shipping and great service!
Deidra W
Keller, TX

I was on 200mg of migraine medicine for over 6 years. I started taking the CBD Sublingual tincture for my migraines about 7 weeks ago, also using the salve on aches. I stopped taking my migraine medicine. I have had 1 migraine in all that time. It has helped me immensely. It’s great for health issues from smaller to much more serious ones. The link below is a company from Denver. All products are organic. Try it, you’ll love them.
Christine T
Manahawkin, NJ

I have had what I call “random pains” in my legs, calves, ankles, arms, hips, etc for years mostly at night. It had been getting worse lately. I started taking COLOR UP’S daily sublingual about 6 weeks ago and have slept through painless nights ever since. I also notice that my cronic cough caused by allergies has all but disappeared since taking COLOR UP CBD on a regular basis. I have had no negative effects as I would anticipate from pain killers.
Phil B
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Real story…
1. Tried the Hemp oil salve for my mother in law’s cracked and swollen hands. The bloody cracks healed up in a week. The hands are still a little itchy, but I’m guessing it’s just the healing process. Her hands were damaged from an allergic reaction to gloves she wears at work. She loves this salve and is going to continue to purchase this product.
2.my cat is very old (18yrs) and has very bad arthritis in her hips. She had been very sluggish only getting up to eat and poop. Her coat was rough and she cried very often. We started giving her the full spectrum oil with her food and after the first day, she started moving around, standing up to eat and she started cleaning her coat because it was soft and shiny. She was happier. The cries decreased and she comes out and even jumps up on the bed again!! (Even though my wife hates it..)
3. I have a cyst in a high contact area on my inner thigh. A few days ago it swole up to about a grape size and it was red and very painful. I immediately rubbed the full spectrum oil on it. The next day it was the size of a pea and not red or hurting. I have continued the treatment every day and now the cyst is the size of a BB and hasn’t hurt once since using the oil. I’m expecting it to just go away after a little bit longer.
It works…
Thanks again guys!
Adrian Turner
Denver, CO

I started using the Sublingual Tincture about a month ago, and it has calmed my morning/night cough. I take it twice a day and have amazing results.
Ellen Smith
Fairfield, NJ

I am a 57 year old woman with spinal stenosis and DDD. I have endured chronic pain on a daily basis for 24 years. Last month my niece introduced me to CBD oil. I started using Color Up’s 500mg hemp oil sublingual tincture and was astounded at not only how quickly I felt a difference, but the fact that I felt any relief at all. Normally I wake up and take my 1st pain pill of the day before even getting out of bed. Imagine my shock when I realized i was able to go several hours before needing that 1st one!! This continued until I ran out and things returned to “normal”. I’m placing my order right now and am so pleased to have access to this superior product and the knowledgeable staff at Color Up to rely on to help me navigate my particular pain needs, I am so grateful!
Linda Triche
Sugar Land, TX

Since day one I’ve been in love with this line. The quality alone makes it worth it but then adding the faces behind the line… that is what TRULY makes it a great company. They know what they are doing and actually care with every ounce of who they are. I’ve been using the salve as not only a massage therapist on my clients but for self care. NOT only have my clients noticed a difference in how they feel but so have I. Not to mention my skin is looking healthier and feeling better than it has in years! No more achey joints or sore muscles.. my acne has started to clear up tremendously. I over all feel the relief and benefits from Color Up. I’m lucky to know this brand, I’ll honestly use it forever!
Kelly Herzfeldt
Denver, CO

Only THEE very best CDB product on the market. I’ve tried the tincture – excellent help with anxiety – I’ve used the salve – my sore muscles never felt so good! My pup loves the pet tincture, especially when we travel – cars are not his favorite form of transportation. And the CBD massages are out of this world- the therapists are majorly talented and in touch with the clients needs. But my favorite part: I trust these people. I can tell that they put an incredible amount of energy and love into their craft and I’m so grateful for their sharing the healing knowledge. It changes lives!
Brett Rezek
Denver, CO

I wish I could quadruple love you guys. I have had a terrible pain in my back for months now and I tried everything to get rid of it…. I have been taking the 500mg full spectrum tincture and all my pain is gone! Thank you so so much!!!!
Sarah Shores
Denver, CO

Great product! Awesome company! Super fast shipping!
Molly C
Boulder, CO

My neck spasm was gone in less than a minute after applying your CBD Salve!
Debbi Faulkner
Pasadena, CA