Questions About Color Up

Where do you get your Hemp from?

We source our Hemp from a local, organic farm right here in Colorado! They grow the Hemp sustainably and with organic nutrients that are GMO free. They are CDA registered & Farm Bill compliment. The lab we use to process the plant is also certified with the state of CO with all current licensing. All of our CBD is 3rd party tested by a certified lab here in Colorado. They test for cannabinoids present and their percentages, as well as testing to insure it is free of solvents, pathogens, and mold.

Are your products organic, all natural, and Cruelty Free?

YES! We source organic and/or all natural (plant based) and cruelty free ingredients.

Are your products sourced and made in the USA. 

YES! Every part of our process begins and ends in the USA. We source our bottles, ingredients and packaging from USA based companies – most local.

Do your massage & esthetics products contain any THC?

No! Our massage and facial care lines do not contain any THC. We use pure CBD sourced from the Hemp plant.

Are your products legal to use and resell in Colorado and nationally?

YES! Because we source from Hemp, anyone can use and resell our products. If our products did contain over .3% THC, only dispensaries and licensed MMJ establishments could resell them. We are also licensed by the CDPHE that regulates the production and sale of Hemp derived CBD products in Colorado.