Questions About Color Up

  1. Where do you get your Hemp from?

We source our Hemp from a local, organic farm right here in Colorado! They grow the Hemp sustainably and with organic nutrients that are GMO free. They are CDA registered & Farm Bill compliment. The lab we use to process the plant is also certified with the state of CO with all current licensing. All of our CBD is 3rd party tested by a certified lab here in Colorado. They test for cannabinoids present and their percentages, as well as testing to insure it is free of solvents, pathogens, and mold.


  1. Are your products completely Organic and Cruelty Free?

YES! We source 100% organic and cruelty free ingredients. Our CBD lotion, oil and salve contain only simple, necessary ingredients to make it effective.


  1. Do your massage & esthetics products contain any THC?

No! Our massage and facial care lines do not contain any THC. We use pure CBD sourced from the Hemp plant.


  1. Are your products legal to use and resell in Colorado and nationally?

YES! Because we source from Hemp, anyone can use and resell our products. If our products did contain over .3% THC, only dispensaries and licensed MMJ establishments could resell them.


  1. Where did your name come from?

Several years ago we spent some time play craps in Blackhawk, CO and at the end of the game if your fortunate enough to be exchanging small chip denominations for larger denominations you tell the dealer you want to “color up” We’d already been working intimately with the cannabis plant, making products for our families, and throwing around the idea of starting a business, so this resonated with us. We all had a very different path getting here; something significant that brought us here, and now it was time for each of us to cash in for something bigger; something that could create more powerful change in this world. We talked about all the ways that Color Up described our mission, our intention, and our values – all the many things that Color Up represents– coloring up your life, coloring up your chakras, coloring up your attitude, coloring up what you eat – through foods, plants, and more educated choices. It is a symbol of health and wellness, a way to find balance and homeostasis, and a way to stay connected to mother earth and all of her colorful offerings. Each color has its own frequency vibration, so selecting and using the right colors allows us to harness its frequency vibration, which in turn helps us to create our reality. When making our products we call in the plant spirit, we work with the proper color vibrations, and we use intention to create the space for these modalities to work in harmony together.