Advisory Board

Shauna Blanch       

COO, Co-owner & Co-founder

Color Up Therapeutics

Shauna Blanch has dedicated her life to service, education and being a positive impact on this planet. Growing up an ethical herbivore and conscious consumer, Blanch’s entrepreneurial spirit was fuel by her parents as they built their family business. Based in Colorado, Blanch is the COO, Co-owner & Co-founder of Color Up Therapeutics, a cruelty-free, all-natural CBD company led by a team focused on putting products into service and educating the community. Blanch is also a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Reiki Master and a yoga teacher.

Prior to co-creating Color Up Therapeutics, Blanch spent over a decade in the pharmaceutical industry, where she focused on Dermatology and Internal Medicine, gaining valuable lessons that would become guides for creating her own business. In 2006, this New Jersey native moved to the West Coast and, eventually, left the pharmaceutical industry on a mission to share a more natural, compassionate lifestyle. During this time, her relationship with cannabis became one of health and healing, so she moved to Colorado to become more intimately involved with hemp, herbalism and plant spirit medicine. Blanch consulted for several cannabis companies, grew her own medicine and became deeply involved in the industry. Recognizing the need for more education, Blanch worked with local schools to bring knowledge to the students and their communities.

Blanch, along with Color Up Therapeutics’ co-founders Will Parker and Bryce Conley, had a mutual vision when creating the brand, “Our vision in founding Color Up Therapeutics was to make clean, natural CBD infusions more accessible to everyone. We set out to do this not only by creating products that can be put into service by healthcare and beauty professionals, but also by providing a community space where people can feel comfortable testing products and asking questions. Many people are unsure how CBD should be incorporated into a holistic approach to health and wellness. The knowledgeable staff at our CBD Wellness Center in Denver provides a safe space, even for the most novice of cannabis users, to receive individualized answers. We take a heart-forward approach and that is evident in the love given to each person who walks through our doors.”

Blanch has a Bachelor of Science from The University of Rhode Island. In her free time, she enjoys being outside connecting with nature, animal activism and animal rescue work, participating in community events and fundraisers, and continuing her own journey as a lifelong student. To reach Shauna Blanch, please contact Debra of Debra Locker Group and 859.536.0282

Hillary Hilliard

Executive Director & Founder

School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics

Hillary has been an integral part of our Advanced Skincare line. After testing out our serum formulation, it was she who put the seed in our head to create a comprehensive skincare line that could be incorporated into her school’s educational programs. She has consulted with us on many aspects of the process, from packaging to plant spirit medicine, and she has stood beside us every step of the way. Hillary has been on board with us since shortly after we launched our internal, body care, and pet lines in 2016. She brought our massage line on in March of 2017 and our skin care line launched at her Aesthetics school in March of 2018. Through her encouragement we have been able to create a line of products that we stand behind 100%. We are grateful to have her as an advisor, a mentor, and a friend.

Hillary is the founder and executive director of the School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics program, as well as both sister programs: Denver Integrative Massage School and the Herbalism Roots program. Hillary has been practicing Thai Yoga Massage for over twelve years and has been teaching for over a decade.  Hillary has had extensive training in Thailand, and her practice and teaching draws from her Thai Yoga Massage studies as well as her work with a local Physical Therapist.  Hillary is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Colorado, a Registered Thai Therapist, and a Registered Yoga Therapist.  Early in Hillary’s massage practice, she worked at a medical spa in Denver, that introduced her to the world of Aesthetics, Skincare, and Beauty.  In addition, Hillary is a Certified Herbalist and believes in the healing and nourishing properties of plant-based products and essential oils to soothe the skin.  The School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics is the child of Hillary’s various interests and passions–a fusion of both worlds:  natural/botanical and medical/corrective.  Both areas are needed to ensure proper treatment of all skincare conditions.



Emily Davis

L.E., Aesthetics Director

School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics

Emily came on board to assist us with our Advanced Skincare line that we began creating for Aestheticians and the students at the School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics. She immediately began showering us with ideas, feedback, constructive criticism and most importantly her impeccable knowledge of skincare and the Esthetics world. You can ask her just about anything about skincare and she’ll be able to provide you with a well thought out and well studied answer. Emily’s mother is a naturopath who raised her to be very aware and knowledgeable about the ingredients and products she uses and consumes. Knowing that Emily stands behind our products is very important to us and we believe it should be to you as well. We are grateful to have her as a limitless resource, an advisor, and a friend.

Emily is thrilled to be part of the School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics as the Aesthetic Director, and as an instructor as well. Emily loves teaching because she gets the chance to watch students blossom into competent, capable, and successful aestheticians! She has always had a passion for health and wellness, but she fell in love with skincare over 10 years ago. After graduating from Artistic Beauty College in 2007 she began her journey working as a Licensed Esthetician in a day spa in the heart of Downtown Denver. In 2013, after several years of working with clients that she loved, she felt called to take some time away from the treatment table to become an aesthetics instructor, sharing her passion and knowledge with a new generation of aestheticians. Emily is regularly continuing her own education through post graduate classes, through Community Classes, Webinars, Image Skincare, Lira Skincare, Sanitas Skincare, the International Dermal Institute, and any other resources she can get her hands on!  In April of 2016 she decided to open her own practice part time so that she could continue her love of treating and educating clients.  Emily is a Colorado Native and lives in Denver.