About Us

Our Intention

Our intention for all of our customers is to cultivate balance, harmony, and ease by evoking the power of self healing. We accomplish this through cultivating organic, high-end, small batch hemp products, infused with reiki, love, plant spirit, and powerful mixtures of plant derived ingredients. We integrate Eastern and Western therapeutic bodywork with our herbal infusions specifically designed to balance the mind, body and spirit. Our wholistic and therapeutic approach is specific to fostering wellbeing in humans, animals, and plants alike. We strive to heal the entire human body and unlock the strength of self healing.

Our Story

At Color Up Therapeutics we believe that homeostasis is attainable. All of our products and services aim to evoke the body’s natural ability to heal and balance. Our process begins with the proper care and study of the plants that lend themselves to all of our creations, and extend themselves into all of our products and services. Our Reiki Masters and Therapists work alongside our Cultivators and Chemists to infuse our products with loving and healing intentions. We connect with the spirit of the plant, we incorporate herbalism, and we back all of our products with science, education, and knowledge.

It’s here in Colorado that the magic begins, but it was decades ago that our collective love for plants, a more natural lifestyle, and the desire to heal ourselves from the inside out, began. As child athletes who grew into adult athletes and hard workers, we all experienced injuries, aches, misalignments, and emotional pains that needed deep healing. We all come from very different backgrounds, yet we found ourselves making the collective choice to find relief and healing in a more natural and wholistic way. We began adding cannabis into our diets as a health measure and that quickly led to us treating our animal kids with it as well. We had such great success – to include cancer treatment, anxiety, tremors, tumors, and joint disease – that we began making it for friends pets and then their owners (our friends). We received so much positive feedback and heard so many success stories that we decided it was time to take a chance at creating some powerful change in this world. Eventually nothing could hold us back from sharing it in every way that we could! Our approach to growing our bodies and our plants has become simple – treat them with loving kindness and they will do the same; much like all things. Our love for staying active has collided perfectly with our love for plant spirit medicine, herbalism, energy work, and hands-on bodywork – the integration of multiple modalities all aiming to provoke wellness. We lead with our hearts and we believe that when acting for the highest and greatest good of the whole, we will make an impact.

Color Up describes our mission, our intention, and our values; it represents coloring up your life, coloring up your attitude, coloring up your choices, coloring up your chakras, coloring up what you eat – through foods, plants, and more educated choices. It is a symbol of health and wellness, a way to find balance and harmony, and a way to stay connected to mother earth and all of her colorful offerings.

– Sending you love –

Bryce, Shauna & Will